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The past few days have been something else. The events that have taken place have truly opened my eyes. 5 days ago, the wife and I get into an argument. Nothing special, just over some stupid thing. Aka my fault.
Right in the middle of it, I look at her and say "This is stupid". The explanation I gave with that is " Every minute that you and I argue......is one minute that we aren't happy. Honey, life is too short for us to talk about something as small as that. I just don't want to be one of those couples you see sitting down across from each other not saying a word. We shouldn't ever have nothing to talk about. Baby, i've told you this time and time again. The only thing that matters to me is that you are happy. I will do absolutely anything in my power to make that happen." One day later we go shopping. Larri-Lou knows about this one already but as of yet, nobody else. We walk into the store and start looking around. She goes right over to the Sex and the city DVD sets....uuuggghh....and I right over to the cd's. She might have been 10-15 feet away and not 5 minutes after we get there, some kid that worked in the store, starts hitting on her. I kinda hear what's going on and perk up. She looks over and gives me a big smile. For some reason, I immediately calmed down, and decided to listen in. He lays his best rap down and maybe 10 minutes later he finally gets the balls to ask for her number. She gives him some bogus number and tells him to call her later so they can go out for drinks. What was said next has to be one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed. Which goes something like this. " And maybe if you are a good boy to me, I might even reward you at the end of the night. ( the gleam in this kid's eye was classic ). Oh...I almost forgot. Your name is Ricky right? Well Ricky...see that tall, beautiful, gorgeous man standing right across from you? Ricky...I would like you to meet my husband Steve. So now you can just fuck off." I don't know what made that so funny...the fact that she went out of her way to totally burn this kid...or the look on his face afterwards.
7th-Oct-2005 11:36 pm - Whatever the fuck I want
Well here we are. October 7th 2005. I can pretty much say that so far this year has been great. It's been a while since I last poked my head in. ( Not the head you're thinking of girls ) and figured since the love of my life is away visiting her family, what the fuck, I may as well do something I haven't done here for a while now. As many of you know, I am an avid motorcyclist. I go riding as often as I can. Hence the Nick. Last Saturday a very good friend of mine whom I have gone riding with numerous times, was involved in an accident and passed away soon thereafter. I haven't touched or gotten near mine since this has transpired. He was an only child in his family and I was very close to his family as we grew up. I absolutely cannot imagine what his parents are having to deal with right now. I don't ever want to feel that pain. I want to be able to grow old and see my future kids have children of their own. The day after I found out, I found myself thinking about what life would be like for Julie if this had happened to me. So far there hasn't been a day that's gone by that I have taken any of this for granted. I don't ever want to be without her. I don't ever want to look over one morning after waking up and not see her. I never really expected someone to have such a profound impact on my life. Everything I do, I do it for her. Nothing else really matters. Baby, if you're reading this, know that you're the only thing in this world that matters to me and that I thank god every single day that I have you. I love you.
As written by singinggrrl, feel free to copy & paste your answers to your own LJ. So, this was written awhile back, but I completely forgot to contribute it to this community. My bad. So yeah, same rules apply. If you want to answer it in the comments section or in your own LJ, that's all good.

Finally! The long awaited sex quiz/survey. My apologies for the delay.

Just for the record, I started this quiz with the intention of it being more informative and what not, but since my three way with theskooch and twistedyouth it pretty much went to a more raunchy feel.

Regardless, I would love everyone to do it, but if you're too fearful Another Sex Quiz under hereCollapse )
So yeah, that's that. Once again, feel free to copy & paste your own answers in your own LJ.
But I would ask that after you read this, that you just take a moment, and send a positive thought to those in New Orleans, Biloxi and Gulfport Mississippi. I have a few friends in that area, and I've heard from none of them. So, I don't know......

Any positive energy, good thoughts, prayers, good luck mojo, happy dances...whatever it is you do to get through the hard times, please do it now for them.
24th-Jul-2005 09:45 pm - What the fuck?
After reading about someone's opinion on men and their societal roles, Which also happens to be very biased, a really strange thought came over me. What if women ruled the world? What would the world be like if women were in power?
My personal opinion is that things would really be no different. In fact, I think that even if women somehow did manage to bring a sense of peace over this world we live in, the backstabbing, the hormones, and everything else that
makes us men go " What the Fuck?, " would be the downfall of women. Just because somebody feels that women somehow are better than men, or vice versa, doesn't mean that it's necessarily true. What it boils down to is the same thing I see every other day on the news. One race related crime or somebody whining about how they were discriminated against. Racism is just bullshit anyway. Somebody that thinks they're better than someone else just because their skin color is different, or the fact that they have different chromosomes, *stares at Eire*, is just ignorant. Yes I do have a dick and yes i'm proud that I can pee on anything I want, but does that make me better than a woman?
Since some *cough larri* hinted that I deserted livejournal, I am making a point of putting something here *S* So umm yea. I have refrained from putting a warning label on this thus far, but consider yourself warned that I have absolutely nothing of any importance to say here. But I have 3 1/2 hours of work left and I'm bored, and no one's around to umm *cough* well anyway. So I have a proposition. I'm going to ask 2 questions. Answer the 2 questions and you can ask your own two questions for whoever else to answer. Or if you feel the need to ask something, then do it anyway because it doesn't really matter. Since I barely check here myself lately, I'm not expecting a huge number of replies to this, but if you happen to find this here and feel like contributing, have at it. Or maybe Skooch will contribute this sex quiz thing he's working on.

So first question-Name one sexual act that you consider yourself a pro at..what is it and why? (You can NOT say all of it!)

And 2-What was the first inanimate object you used to help yourself masturbate?
29th-May-2005 08:51 pm - Argonauts
The Greek heroes, who, under the command of Jason sailed to Colchis in the search of the Golden Fleece, the Argonauts were named after their ship, the Argo.

ArgonautsCollapse )
27th-May-2005 10:10 pm - Norse Ceation
In the beginning there was no earth or heaven, no sand nor sea nor cooling waves. There was only Ginnungagap, a great void. In the north there was Nilfheim, and from Nilfheim's spring flowed eleven rivers, known as Elivagar. As the rivers flowed south, they cooled and hardened into ice. In the south, there was the world of Muspelheim, a fiery world. The northern part of Ginnungagap became filled with the ice and hoar frost from the Elivagar. When that ice formed and was firm, a drizzling rain arose from the venomous rivers and poured over the ice where it cooled into rime, and one layer of ice formed on top of the other throughout Ginnungagap. The southern part of Ginnungagap was lit by the sparks and glowing embers which flew out of Muspelheim. Where the heat from the south met the coolness in the north the ice was thawed and it began to drip and by the might that sent the heat, life appeared in the drops of the running fluid and this fluid formed into the likeness of a man. He was given the name Ymir.
Norse creationCollapse )
11th-May-2005 01:47 am - Movie scores
What ten movies from the big screen do you think have the best music score? I’m looking for movies where the music and video merge to give the best overall effect and help to set the tone for the film. Music is an essential part of any film as it helps create the mood for certain scenes as the film moves along. Can you imagine a film without music? I feel that, by and large, the musical score is very much under-appreciated. The composer, apart from a select few, receives little recognition, but a good score can make or break a film. Could you imagine Psycho without the high-pitched strings, or Jaws without the dum dum dum DUM? I could not.

In alphabetical order…since I have trouble picking a favorite

Chariots of Fire
A steady beat that carries the pace of the films main theme…running and then suddenly a haunting tune that is so simple, just a straightforward piano scale but at the same time so effective it really sticks a hook into your memory.

Dances with Wolves
The majestic yet gentle flowing music really supports the idea of hope and an inner self belief. Like the film it is very uplifting, yet at the same time it brings tears to your eyes.

Fifth Element
Because I like it. Inva Mulla Tchako…can she hit the notes or what? When setting the soundtrack for the movie it was thought that they would have to synthesis a good portion “Diva Dance” but they could not have been more wrong.

This music really couldn't be any better for this particular film. Whether it’s the triumphant orchestra indicating battle victory, or the lone, sad solo of a faraway woman indicating grievance and loss, the music in this is something very special and original.

Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum DUM Dum Dum Dum DUM. Who does not know the sound?

Lion King
The romance music will make you cry, the sad music will bring tears to your eyes, and the jovial music will cause you to hum it for weeks. Every bit of music in this movie will have some kind of effect on you.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy
This is pure art, because the music itself is like a journey. The quiet and peaceful harmonies of the shire, the warning and pessimistic strings to signal danger, the majestic orchestrated pieces for Khazad, Minas Tirith and Orthanc, the hollow sounding and lonely violin solo for Rohan to imply lost hope and lacking allies, which later turns into an orchestra to imply the total opposite, the completely mysterious strings for the elves. It is such an imaginative work of art.

Schindlers List
The very famous and very sad violin solo stands out as a single voice of pleading that represents millions of ordinary Jewish people who lost their lives. Probably the most remembered soundtrack out there because of the burden it bears. Yet it loses no momentum each time you hear this in spite of that.

Star Wars Trilogy
This music score, like Chariots of Fire and Jaws, will make you remember it forever. It is very catchy.

The themes are exquisitely beautiful and capture your emotions and the emotions of the film perfectly. It touches deep within in the heart. This is an excellent example of how a musical score and film are suppose to merge as one to give you the full intended effect. Some people would say they are totally sick of hearing the score…especially during the months following the release of the movie but that just goes to show how damn good it was.

Others of note
Legends of The Fall
Out of Africa
The Piano
Mr. Hollands Opus
And many more
19th-Apr-2005 05:58 pm - Egyptian
This will be just a tip of the iceberg so to speak.

EgyptianCollapse )

Some people today may look back and say it was all myth while others may still believe but one thing is certain…the ancient Egyptians believed it to be real.
8th-Apr-2005 04:30 am - the first word
well i think he said it anyhow...for the last few days my lil one (7mths) has been muttering something.....A ba.... or A da...so i think that i will just put those down as his first words *S*... arnt they precious wee things lil bubbas
If you've passed through Stream lately, I can almost guarantee that you've seen an "I miss the old Stream!" or a "Why doesn't anybody come here anymore?" in there at least once. Well Leah and I have both decided we're tired of the bitching and moaning.. well not the moaning, but we are sick of the bitching. Whining accomplishes nothing- so we have a plan. Saturday, April 9th (plenty of time to pass this around still)... we're trying to get as many regs back as possible to visit stream. All day, anytime... that way there's no day/night issue. Hopefully Saturday will be a day to catch up or something. And after personally bugging the hell out of people, I am guaranteeing that there WILL be people there. If not, I'm sacrificing Leah to a public cyber... so see? You still win, you just gotta show up. And while you're at it, why make us do the work eh? Open up your e-mail (if you haven't gotten the one we sent around already)... click compose, and let everybody in your address book know about it. "Saturday, April 9th... get your ass in stream!" See? Easy stuff. So umm yea, go do it already... *pushes you all along* Right now dammit!

I'm leaving this post public, that way if any brave soul on livejournal happens by this, I DARE you to go to www.streamchat.com and check it out. umm yea well if you're over 18 go check it out. And if you're not some lame prude or something.. well, we'll take prudes but you really do have to be 18.
12th-Mar-2005 09:47 am - My Baby
Today Julie and I sat down and watched "We Were Soldiers" with Mel Gibson. I don't know who's seen it or who hasn't, so I don't want to ruin it for anybody. To make a long story short, towards the middle of the movie, there's a part where all of the death notices of the soldiers have to be delivered to all the wives. I'm laying in the corner of the couch, with my legs apart, and she's laying on my stomach. As this part grows on, it gets pretty sad. I look down and she's getting all teary eyed, getting the sniffles. The part ends, and she pauses the movie. She sits up, puts her arms around me, and proceeds to give me one of the most passionate kisses i've ever had. I take my hand, wipe her tears away, and look into her beautiful blue eyes, and say " Baby I know. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you around. You are my everything. I can't think of anybody else I would rather be with. I love you more than life itself." She then started crying some more, puts her arms around me, head on my chest, and presses play on the remote. After the movie was over she grabs my hand, pulls me off of the couch, and we go straight to the bedroom. So now she's sleeping like a baby, and i'm wide awake. I just wanted to tell somebody about this. About how much I love her.
8th-Mar-2005 09:08 pm - Testing
Historic PeopleCollapse )
4th-Mar-2005 08:14 am - BETRAYAL
i dont think there is ever anything worse than betrayal, what do you think about this, i grabed my hubbies phone while he was asleep, only to find a txt message there 'i off to bed now huni, c ya tommorow, love you, dreaming of you' what would you think? He says the relationship is only 'friendship' MY FUCKEN ARSE! they both desearve to rot in hell for what they have done. My kids and Me have to find a new fucken life now....he has only seen me, angry, mental, sad BUT the one thing he has not seen me as is EVIL> the both of them should be so fucken scared of me right now, if they arent well they will be believe me...... oh by the way, hes a child fucker, shes only 16, hes 34. Still want that pic Playful??? Im sure you would be far to old for a child fucker like him
1st-Mar-2005 09:43 pm - drunken caos
ok, indyscribble and I were having a chat about getting drunk and falling over....ok i was drunk, she wasnt.... anyhow she wanted me to put my 'episode' on here to get you all laughing at me *thanks darlin*.Ok well i had this great nite all planned out...babysitter arrived, hubby ready to go (very unusall)...n e how, we leave...everything cool so far....well we get to the carpark of the pub...get out lock the car...cool. Start walking *this is where it all goes wrong* anyhow Todd (hubby) was infront of me talking about something, i wasnt paying much attention....but i should of been! Anyhow he was halfway across the road ( a state highway may i add) then all of a sudden i tripped, i dont know how or why i did, but i did. It was a cold raining night to. I tripped and fell into a gutter full of water....frezzing i was.. Todd the delightful thing, asked if i was ok, then kept walking (we were on a highway afterall). i managed to pull myself up off the road before a car took me out. I had planned this night for ages, so i was determined to enjoy it so i got up..and started walking to the pub...i was soaking though..wet trou, wet arms (where i tryed to save myself) i think my face got wet to if i remember right. Anyhow i went into the pub and got myself a drink...a stiff rum...i was so cold. We downed our drinks and decided (well i did) to go home. i would of caught a bad flu if i had of stayed out all night, cause it was the dead of winter as well. The babysitter was so surprised to see us home after all we had only left about 1/2hr before hand. I did not tell her why though, we just told her that no one was out tonight, must of been to cold for them.
anyhow.....now its your turn. what has been an embarrasing fall (or whatever) for you???
You didn’t stop my hand from pushing your skirt up under the table. You barely flinched as my fingers gently wedged between your legs right after I set my cold glass down. You wanted it, you craved it, and you needed it……that’s what you said as I pulled your panties to the side. I had kept my fingers right against your silky fabric, not moving them, watching you push yourself back into the leather booth, feeling the heat soaking through those panties. You leaned closer to my mouth, put your ear near my lips and listened as I told you exactly what I was about to do……

You could feel my breath on your neck as I pushed you panties over you wet swollen lips. Your skirt hiked up to the tops of your thighs, the cool air hitting your wet pussy as you leaned back more. Your eyes looking past me making sure no one is paying attention. Your legs still closed tight around my hand, barely letting me move it but my fingers wiggling enough to feel those first drops of your juice against my fingertips. I push………you legs close tighter…your heart races….your pussy throbs as my middle finger pushes right between your slit, right in the very middle, delicately hovering between your clit and your sensitive tight opening…..you take your hands and put them at your sides, hands with the palms down pushing against the leather seat, you lift up just a little, look at me and feel the flood of wetness trickling down your slit…..you whisper “I shouldn’t be doing this, why are you doing this to me, why can’t I stop this?”……I tell you to just say the word and I will stop…….THOSE WORDS NEVER COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH…..

You can see the waitress coming towards us and you lean forward, hands on the table, your body itching closer so she can’t see. It’s right then your legs part more……my middle finger dragging down your wet slit and stopping right against the rim around your tight hole. My fingertip inching forward, the tip pushing into you…you weren’t expecting it and all you were trying to do was lean forward…..you moan out my name and try to hold yourself still as she asks “how are you two doing? Can I get you anything else”…..you just shake your head no and I grin wickedly as she walks away……

Should I stop?.....I whisper against your sweet face that I am going to make you cum and how bad I want to feel your pussy gripping my fingers as you explode……You lean back again, legs spreading more as my finger works all the way around your aching hole…hitting the top, then side walls, stopping at the very bottom of your hole and pushing in as your ass rocks just a little…..I kiss you, gently, lips meeting and dragging as you moan against me “no don’t stop”……

one long middle finger working deep into your soaked pussy…..pulling it almost all the way out as you try not to rock too much, still looking to make sure no one sees, then without warning “shoving my finger in so slow, all the way so your wetness gets pushed deep inside you”……I look at your flushed face, that look, the wanting and how you are trying to hold back…..it’s that look that makes me pull my finger out slow……all the way out……I want to look down and see your pussy dripping but I don’t…..I just keep looking at you, your gorgeous eyes, your delicate mouth….then I take my wet finger and drag it over your inner thighs, leaving a thin trail of wetness against your skin……lifting that glistening middle finger to my mouth and pushing it in…..tasting it quickly, savoring it…..I watch as you move, you not even realizing your hips are rocking slowly…..

I take your soft hand, grip your finger with the same finger that just fingered you deep, and ease them back down between your legs….you know what’s coming, the anticipation, your hot pussy wanting more……We kiss again, this time harder, tongues meeting, teasing, you hold my tongue in your mouth as pull away. My mouth taking your ear lobe, sucking, nibbling, pulling……then moaning into it “fuck your pussy with me baby”…..I push your finger into that tight hole, you don’t resist at all, you just lean back, legs spread under the table and start to work your finger in and out with me……my hand pushing on your hand, keeping your finger buried inside you……you can hear the loud atmosphere of the bar around us, the music, the lights but its so quiet….all you can hear is your heart pounding and the whispering of my voice…

I keep whispering in your ear, telling you how hot you are you, how many times I have thought about making you cum, how I crave to have my cock throbbing inside you…..I can sense it, your pussy starting to quiver, convulsing, your finger working slowly, deep inside you as my fingers grip your clit…..

Your ass is pushed back deep against the leather seat, I can look down and see the tops of your thighs, legs spread, if anyone were to walk back here they would see what I am doing do you…..you look past me again, still no one coming….so you moan out a little louder as your finger pushes faster with a couple pumps….your clit swollen and sensitive as I work it side to side…..your juice is all over the seat, dripping, I can smell that sweet smell of sex coming from between your legs……I look and see what I wanted to see…..your hot pussy, my pussy…you see me looking at you and push forward…. your finger hits a spot deep inside you as I squeeze your clit……you twitch, trying to keep your pleasure inside, trying not to get loud, your head tilted down to muffle your moans and your whole body is on fire as you start to cum on our fingers…….you squeeze your legs tight around our fingers, riding that wave, not letting it subside…….my mouth against yours, kissing lightly……not sure how long we sit there with our fingers locked together…..the sticky sensation of your wetness coating our fingers…so sensitive..so hot…..

(I had to make myself cum just then as I typed….had too…..its actually still dripping on my hand right now….my one hand with cum between my fingers….god if you want me just a fraction of how bad I want you right now, you will cum so hard reading this)

You look past me again……..our waitress about 15 feet away…….then she turns around and walks away…..”Do you think she saw”………..

You get up and head to the restroom……the waitress comes to drop the check off, I leave her a big tip! You come back, acting rather shy and not saying much. “Did she see?” Is all you keep asking as we walk out of the bar………
27th-Feb-2005 10:19 am - one for indyscribble *S*
Honey you have to get to learn between the difference of Todd and I darlin *S* it WAS todd last night talkin to ya, NOT me lol..... He told me you didnt believe that it was him....if anyone is gonna go on about anything (pics) its him, i couldnt give a shit if you send him a pic or not. But if you dont, then can i still have one of Mike?? *S*
25th-Feb-2005 06:25 am - Here we go again..
Ok so there has been some confusion about the pictures, or should I say, lack of pictures on this thing. So for people who don't peek at this regularly, Giggles suggested we make a page for pictures only.... pictures of people from stream... just YOU. Kids, husbands, wives,... dogs.. whatever.. put it on this one(diaries)... pictures of you go in the other(streampics). Easy right? So, if you want to view pictures or preferrably post your own, join streampics. I know, I know.. seems like a hassle, but get over it =) You joined this one ok so doing so with the other shouldn't be a problem. If you need help, just e-mail us or something. Oh and I'm on a shitty computer so I'm not attempting to post the pictures we already have. I'll do that later so check back. In the meantime, pester Giggles to e-mail me the pictures people sent her so you can see something new. Ta ta for now..

one last thing.. a handsome streamer sent us pictures this morning. Nekkid ones.. I swear it, if I'm lying right now I'll cyber publicly later =P *crosses my heart* So if you want to see the pics, join up (and despite recent posts, it is not hmp... yet)
24th-Feb-2005 01:48 am - ok ok finally....
Enjoy ladies........I am one scrumptious Man o'Meat.........want the nekkie ones now?
23rd-Feb-2005 10:58 am - opps
My mood says "horny".............I swore I put "aggravated"......there should be a feature to combine the two!

Pissed and horny----you could have a drunken figure holding his cock.....

Frustrated and horny----picture of my wife waving her finger as if saying "don't think so!"

tease and horny----pic of indychick..............*hides*
23rd-Feb-2005 10:22 am - Somethings just aren't right!!!.....
Lets see, I have been in and around stream for 5+ years and as most of you know I used to teach college. Scary eh? I gave that up for the greedy world of private business. I have enjoyed it, its provided a great life for me and most importantly has afforded me the luxury of going to vegas 3x a year..lol.......So here I am a 3rd generation business owner and what I have learned recently about business was never taught in any text book.

My company deals in automotive production. Mostly the the Big 3 in Detroit. It's been in my family for 50 years and we continue to grow, plod along and sometimes struggle during these weird and frustrating economic times. I was notified 48 hours ago that one of contracts was being pulled by Chrysler. It's a 2 million dollar contract. After many phone calls, conference calls, some kicking, screaming and yelling I got to the bottom of the why............I was told "you are not a minority owned company and our focus for that type of contract is to issue it to a minority." INTERESTING! So I asked who got........here's the kicker! A Pakistan company was awarded the distribution contract. Yep you heard it, a company based in Pakistan now has my contract.

Years ago our govt set up "minority affilitions" to get women, african americans, hispanics more involved in business. They offered them tax incentives, govt contracts, etc. This is a very common practice and one I firmly believe in. AT NO POINT WAS THERE EVER SUPPOSED TO BE BUSINESS TAKEN AWAY FROM ME FROM A COMPANY IN FUCKING PAKISTAN!

here's how it works........pakistan company sets up office in Michigan, chrysler orders product from location in michigan, chrysler is billed, billing goes through michigan, money goes back to Pakistan, Chrysler gets tax incentive for doing business with a minority.....it's a nutty world we live in!

Not like me to vent in public....so my apologies......just thought after reading some of the things eiregirl has posted some of you might find this interesting, disturbing and laughable........

Indychick......I promise to post something more entertaining next time.....who knows, maybe a pic or something or hell maybe even one of my stories....well maybe not a story, you all might end up thinking I am a perv...lol
18th-Feb-2005 04:03 pm - Death
why is death such a hard thing to deal with and why is it so sad? We all know its coming sometime or another. Just been to a funeral today of a friend....we all knew he was sick and dying. when i saw his coffin sitting there it made me think that we live on earth to live our life, to have fun, to do what we wanna do, but we all end up the same way, in a coffin with greiving people surrounding us. Why cant we ever celebrate the end of a life? why is it always so sad.
14th-Feb-2005 02:25 am - Booooooooooooo
For all you Valentine's Day peeps out there, I hate you all. That is it. Oh, & I changed the background colour of the community for the special day. IT WAS ME!!!! Enjoy yourselves.

The Silent Mod
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