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18th-Feb-2005 04:03 pm
why is death such a hard thing to deal with and why is it so sad? We all know its coming sometime or another. Just been to a funeral today of a friend....we all knew he was sick and dying. when i saw his coffin sitting there it made me think that we live on earth to live our life, to have fun, to do what we wanna do, but we all end up the same way, in a coffin with greiving people surrounding us. Why cant we ever celebrate the end of a life? why is it always so sad.
18th-Feb-2005 05:33 am (UTC)
It's sad because you miss that person *hugs* Sorry about your friend =(
18th-Feb-2005 04:20 pm (UTC)
I agree, it's just that you won't see that person
again, in life....and you miss them.

Whether it's someone that was terminal or it was a death that was unexpected...hurts just the same. You just assume that when you have the knowledge that the person is dying, you will be able to accept it and deal with it differently...
but as someone who's been there...that isn't so. My sis in law passed away last April and she'd been terminal with cancer (please anyone reading this have a YEARLY pap smear or have your loved ones have one, men...it CAN save lives) and when she finally passed away after months of fighting,
it hurt lots and I miss her alot to this very day.

But I know one day I'll see her again...*g*

Sorry about your friend...remember him...the happy memories always seem to help *hugs*
18th-Feb-2005 05:53 am (UTC) - :o(
Hus leah...I am very sorry for you loss.
Many cultures around the world look upon death differently… some cultures celebrate death such as in Mexico with the day of the dead. Some see it as a time to celebrate others a time to grieve. All through history different cultures have looked upon death differently and while some see it as a passing from one life to another others see it as the end of a life. I do not think we mourn or grieve for the dead because most cultures believe the dead have moved on to a much better place…no we do not mourn the dead…we mourn our own loss...the loss of a friend, a loved one…we grieve the loss of someone we cared for…we mourn and grieve for ourselves. It is hard to deal with especially when the person was someone close to you...I wish it was not...I wish I knew why then it would not be so hard at times. Just remember them from time to time...
18th-Feb-2005 07:09 pm (UTC) - So sorry.
Leah hun...so sorry for your loss. I agree, you should try to remember all of the great memories. *huggs you tight*...my thoughts and prayers are with you luvvie.
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