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Somethings just aren't right!!!..... 
23rd-Feb-2005 10:22 am
Lets see, I have been in and around stream for 5+ years and as most of you know I used to teach college. Scary eh? I gave that up for the greedy world of private business. I have enjoyed it, its provided a great life for me and most importantly has afforded me the luxury of going to vegas 3x a year..lol.......So here I am a 3rd generation business owner and what I have learned recently about business was never taught in any text book.

My company deals in automotive production. Mostly the the Big 3 in Detroit. It's been in my family for 50 years and we continue to grow, plod along and sometimes struggle during these weird and frustrating economic times. I was notified 48 hours ago that one of contracts was being pulled by Chrysler. It's a 2 million dollar contract. After many phone calls, conference calls, some kicking, screaming and yelling I got to the bottom of the why............I was told "you are not a minority owned company and our focus for that type of contract is to issue it to a minority." INTERESTING! So I asked who got........here's the kicker! A Pakistan company was awarded the distribution contract. Yep you heard it, a company based in Pakistan now has my contract.

Years ago our govt set up "minority affilitions" to get women, african americans, hispanics more involved in business. They offered them tax incentives, govt contracts, etc. This is a very common practice and one I firmly believe in. AT NO POINT WAS THERE EVER SUPPOSED TO BE BUSINESS TAKEN AWAY FROM ME FROM A COMPANY IN FUCKING PAKISTAN!

here's how it works........pakistan company sets up office in Michigan, chrysler orders product from location in michigan, chrysler is billed, billing goes through michigan, money goes back to Pakistan, Chrysler gets tax incentive for doing business with a minority.....it's a nutty world we live in!

Not like me to vent in public....so my apologies......just thought after reading some of the things eiregirl has posted some of you might find this interesting, disturbing and laughable........

Indychick......I promise to post something more entertaining next time.....who knows, maybe a pic or something or hell maybe even one of my stories....well maybe not a story, you all might end up thinking I am a perv...lol
23rd-Feb-2005 11:09 pm (UTC) - Yeah some stuff is just plain sucky ...
No need to apologize but we'll take a juicy story anytime.. *S* All of your stories actually.. pervy can be sooo umm.. well, you know *winks*

Really crazy how business in the US goes.. Not always much rhyme or reason, certainly not very fair at times. My hubby's company went through a similar thing not long ago. The "other guys" were over a day late with their bid, they aren't fully established in our area but they still won the contract based on minority status... AND our state gave them a minority loan based on the expected income from the job! He could have started it immediately, had it finished sooner, needed no "special language or physical accommodation", he has paid taxes and supported the business community for several years.. and the money earned would have gone right back into this area instead of to a parent office in Houma, LA. *sighs*.. Go figure.

And don't get me started on the abuse of social services and health-care agencies I see in my work. That's for another day...
Indychick is gonna spank us both ..
*winks at Playful* you reckon he will really post a pic? ;)
I double dog dare ya to post a nekid one HMP.
24th-Feb-2005 06:02 am (UTC) - Re: Yeah some stuff is just plain sucky ...
I'll believe it when I see it. Till then... nope *bends you over to caress your ass* You'll have to ask me to spank you first Giggles *w*

and again.. I TRIPLE dog dare you hmp!
24th-Feb-2005 05:14 am (UTC)
Hey…don’t apologize for stating your opinion…besides I find it very irritating and want more information.
Are the parts being shipped from Pakistan or are they being made in the United States?
Does it bother you that someone else was awarded the contract simply because they are a minority…not because they are cheaper and as good as you (if they are).

It would irritate me if a person was awarded business not because they can do the job better than me for the same price or as good of a job cheaper but simply because they are a minority business. There is a company here that I hire to do work for me when they are available and it’s owned by a woman. I had heard a story about this woman and later found out that the story was true. She had bid on a very big job a few years ago and was awarded the job not because she was the lowest bidder but because she was the lowest minority bidder (she was the only minority bidder also). She turned the job down and told them that if they did not want to hire her because they felt she could do the best job for the price then she did not want it. After I had a chance to talk to her and work with her I could see her doing just that and when I asked her about it she flat out said it was the truth and that she will never take a job that that she has bid for and got because she is a minority business owner. I doubt you will find that kind of person on every street corner.

Sometimes cheaper is just as good but sometimes if you want the best and want it on time and under budget you try to get the woman who can get it done and never have to call them to come fix their shitty work.
24th-Feb-2005 06:27 am (UTC) - replies
My complaint is the minority standards for doing business were set up for entirely different reasons than the ones being used. The products are made in the states for american cars......the minority company has found a loop hole in our system and has capitalized. I sound like I am whining but in defense this is not how it was supposed to be. If I lose business it should be based on my performance, costs, etc. I believe competiton is good. I don't think awarding contracts based on color or nationality is the right way to go about business. Offering tax incentives for doing business with a minority that is foreign owned just doesn't seem to be following accepted business practices that I learned and taught...lol
24th-Feb-2005 05:43 am (UTC)
you??? a.. a.. *whisper* perv?? Never would we think such a thing *s* And I'll believe that bit about your pictures or stories when I see it *coughs* and ditto what Giggles said. I TRIPLE dog dare you to post a nekkid one... of yourself I might add.

btw, don't apologize for putting anything on here. Rant, rave, do whatever you like. Some of us are interested in stuff other than sex you know =)
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