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drunken caos 
1st-Mar-2005 09:43 pm
ok, indyscribble and I were having a chat about getting drunk and falling over....ok i was drunk, she wasnt.... anyhow she wanted me to put my 'episode' on here to get you all laughing at me *thanks darlin*.Ok well i had this great nite all planned out...babysitter arrived, hubby ready to go (very unusall)...n e how, we leave...everything cool so far....well we get to the carpark of the pub...get out lock the car...cool. Start walking *this is where it all goes wrong* anyhow Todd (hubby) was infront of me talking about something, i wasnt paying much attention....but i should of been! Anyhow he was halfway across the road ( a state highway may i add) then all of a sudden i tripped, i dont know how or why i did, but i did. It was a cold raining night to. I tripped and fell into a gutter full of water....frezzing i was.. Todd the delightful thing, asked if i was ok, then kept walking (we were on a highway afterall). i managed to pull myself up off the road before a car took me out. I had planned this night for ages, so i was determined to enjoy it so i got up..and started walking to the pub...i was soaking though..wet trou, wet arms (where i tryed to save myself) i think my face got wet to if i remember right. Anyhow i went into the pub and got myself a drink...a stiff rum...i was so cold. We downed our drinks and decided (well i did) to go home. i would of caught a bad flu if i had of stayed out all night, cause it was the dead of winter as well. The babysitter was so surprised to see us home after all we had only left about 1/2hr before hand. I did not tell her why though, we just told her that no one was out tonight, must of been to cold for them.
anyhow.....now its your turn. what has been an embarrasing fall (or whatever) for you???
1st-Mar-2005 09:12 am (UTC)
lmfao You didn't mention the part about being stunned! lol I laughed out loud reading that and I had to explain to Denise what was so damn funny. Nosey heifer, I'm gonna strangle her before the nights over.
1st-Mar-2005 09:51 am (UTC) - I not gonna tell...
until she does...looking at indy...I have fingaed you out girly...or is that figured...hmmm I like the first one better.
1st-Mar-2005 01:50 pm (UTC) - Re: I not gonna tell...
Is being fingaed out a good thing? *s*

And leah you jinxed me you sneaky heifer. I almost fell this morning on my way to my car. It snowed here last night and the steps we're slick. I was half asleep because I didn't get a chance to sleep last night before coming into work. So I damn near fell flat on my ass. It would have been embarrasing if I fell, but just my luck, a hottie tech was getting out of his truck when I did it. And aren't I soooooooo glad to have Denise right fucking behind me too so that I can hear about this shit later tonight. Fun fun
1st-Mar-2005 07:15 pm (UTC) - Re: I not gonna tell...
ohhhhh yeah being fingaed out is mmmmmmmmm very good

Ummm even though I ummm did not start this...looking round....leah neva round when ya need her but I sure she would agree that no fall means don't count...right leah
1st-Mar-2005 05:28 pm (UTC) - drunken silly fool
first let me say "I didn't fall." I kept my balance somehow.....

I was in Las vegas in November and was a drunken horny fool one night. My friends and I are walking through the casino. I see this great ass in a pair of jeans leaning against this pole. Short, petite....me drunk and obnoxious. We are walking in that direction when they turn around.....She has a goatee.......FUCK ME! It's a dude! A dude with a nice ass apparently. My friends are falling over laughing, screaming for me to "go get a feel"......I am hightailing it in the opposite direction. I am taking a drink of my beer when I turn around to hopefully see my friends following.......I turn back around and "SMACK BAM".......I ran right into a "Price is Right" slot machine! I mean nailed it. I almost feel into this old man who had a huge bucket of coins. He yelled some profanity. The beer soaked me, my chest was killing me from the impact but I didn't fall over!!!!!! I woke up the next morning and felt like I got hit by a train. Lesson Learned: when drinking heavily never assume those levis jeans are what they seem.
1st-Mar-2005 07:17 pm (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
LOL....that slot maching prolly felt like a train
1st-Mar-2005 10:49 pm (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
lol hmp, i pissed my self reading that post, but it also reminded me of another 'eposide' of mine. sounds like yours really although it had nothing to do with a pair of levis...it had something to do with a huge bottle of rum that i drunk. After i had drunk the bottle i was determined to go into town to the pubs and carry on...anyhow i got as far as standing up...looked around instead of straight ahead and went flying into the wall, down i went onto the lounge floor where i stayed until i had to get up for work the next morning. i think my flatmate through i blanket over me or something.
2nd-Mar-2005 12:35 am (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
lmao @ you fallig on your way to the pub AGAIN *checks your first post* hmmm ok and this last one is another time?? Leah I want you to come to Indy now more than ever. We'd have a blast
2nd-Mar-2005 08:54 am (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
well, first i have to shout my sis a trip home from melbourne this year, then we will see about nxt year, thats all that i can offer lol...
2nd-Mar-2005 08:55 am (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
imagine me drunk and in my boots indy! im sure gonna have some stories then LMAO
2nd-Mar-2005 01:36 pm (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
lol I just noticed you spelled my username indyscribble. Scribble! Hey btw, you play canasta?
1st-Mar-2005 10:50 pm (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
omg! you nearly put me off wearing mine today! *Looks at my arse in the mirror wondering if i look like a bloke*
1st-Mar-2005 11:49 pm (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
looking...mmmm WOW if anyone says you look like a bloke they are blind..

;oP mmmm wanna get drunk giggle
2nd-Mar-2005 02:40 pm (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
*checks out her ass* "Oh heeeellll no...that is no blokes ass" *pinches it, then rubs it alllll betta* *W* You sexy wench you!
2nd-Mar-2005 02:38 pm (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
ROFLMFAO....Omg Jase! Thanks...I needed to laff hysterically!! So sorry about your pain tho. *S* I woulda nursed ya back to health *W*
2nd-Mar-2005 03:32 pm (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
I was at a friend's house, just visiting and Danny had an appointment, the reason he dropped me off there....he got done and came back to her house, and we were sitting around
laughing and talking and my friend's hubby got home...he's like 25 years older than all of us, so I clammed up and got all shy, which
is me, very shy...honestly. Anyway, about a 1/2 hour later or so, said well, suppose we should get ready to go and I asked to use her
bathroom before we got ready to leave, and went....it's upstairs and I walked up and I got done and headed back down the stairs... Danny's on the front porch, talking to my gf and her hubby was in the front room watching tv....I head back downstairs....and about 3 steps down, my feet somehow fell off my legs or something...*shakes head* and up in the air I flew....and down about 4 steps below where I was I came down on my tailbone/back and thumped down about 3 others....her hubby jumped up and yelled for her *LOL* I was dying of embarrassment...and I hopped up like
nothing happened...and laughed..cause deep down, I was dying and crying. Danny came in and helped me walk to her diningroom and my gf was like are you ok, her hubby's like, she FLEW! *LMFAO* (now) and I was like oh, hell yeah, just fine....scared me more than anything, the whole time sitting there thinking "how in the FUCK am I going to get off this chair without showing pain and then walk to our car, without crying?"
So, I sat there, talking the entire time thinking, I want to leave but...I can't. Finally I said, suppose we should go, so my pride that had been totally SMASHED earlier, helped me hop up without screaming and we walked out, see ya's later blah fuckin blah, stop talking to me!!! and finally we wave and to the car we go. This car, was a 2 seater...small...fuckin sports car. I nearly
DIED when I got in...rolled to my left hip, and I bawled *LOL* Danny's like baby, I thought you were ok? *L* DUH!!!!!!!!!! We got home and I called my Mommy (that always helps *S*) and she suggested heat....so I sat
on the heatpad and my sis called and asked if
there was swelling....uhhhh YES...so ice it was....sitting there thinking, how in the fuck will I ever get up the next AM and go to work....cleaning businesses and homes... one of them a community center...lifting tables and chairs...*LMFAO* RIIIIGHT!
Anyway, I called in....my boss....who is also
my friend's sister, called my friend, her sister, and she said "well, she said she was fine"
So, now they both think I'm just lying and not wanting to work *LOL*

Went to the Dr....not only did I not work that day...but I didn't work for like 3/4 weeks....I couldn't ride in a car, couldn't lay down without horrid pain, sitting up felt better, with a pillow under my ass/back.
Was fucking horrid...btw, I'd broken my tailbone in 2 places...ugh

that's my falling story...well, the MOST embarrassing one, that is.

Another tiny story, if you want one where I was intoxicated...wasn't really me falling and truly I don't remember this but too many ppl told me the same thing, that it's GOT to be true....Danny and I were @ a bar, where his sister use to work and there was a band, it was after something that had happened to me and my other sister in law and her hubby were bringing me shot after shot, to drown my sorrows......well, I decided (I GUESS) to show the entire bar that I could breakdance..
ummmmm :( I cannot! but...that night I surely thought I could! and I was on my back flipping here and there, and I guess that finally Danny got me up off the floor (I'm laughing like mad, here) and he more or less carried my ass out as I was hoopin and a hollerin...see you all later and waving like mad.
fuck me, I'm SO happy there were no cams!!!

*LOL* retarded booze'll kill ya ;)

that's all for now....
2nd-Mar-2005 03:55 pm (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
LMFAO @ you in da bar! *smooch* ...I have been sitting here thinking if I have any funny stories about getting drunk and the only thing I can come up with was when I was at a NY eve party at my sis and her then hubby's house one year. I had been drinking margarita's heavily (yummy) and also playin quarters, tryin to keep up with the big boys, when I asked if I could put on Prince "Darling Nikki" cos I wanted to dance. So, I started shimmin and shakin, got up on the table where the beer had been spilled playin quarters. Anyways, there I was, movin and groovin, when all of a sudden I lost my balance and fell backwards toward the couch where my then bro in law was sitting, landing in his lap! OMG! I was laffin soooo hard! Everyone was bustin a gut! I looked at him and all I could say was, " oh hey, wanna feel my new bra?" This is all according to my sister the next day cuz I was too sloshed to remember it. She said, " I can't believe you let him feel your tit!" I was like...omg I am so sorry, did he like it??? LOL...she said...uh huh...a lil too much from what I could see because he was feelin for like 5 minutes until I came over and pulled ya off his lap! She wasn't mad at me, but damn did I feel bad! Word to the wise....don't dance on slippery tables when ya are already a clumsy fucka naturally! LOL
2nd-Mar-2005 10:08 pm (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
hmmmm larri you're shy? So does this mean you were just teasing me about getting on your webcam for me? *sulks* ;)
2nd-Mar-2005 11:37 pm (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
extremely shy in real life, yes....and I do mean extremely!!!!

uhhhh nah, I'm still game ;)
2nd-Mar-2005 08:45 pm (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
Cuddly.........I am notorious for drunken silly things. Go figure, eh! I am trying to settle down in my mature ripe age of 34. I have a few rules I now follow when drinking heavily:

1) Always have a written apology handy when drinking tequila
2) Never make fun of scantily clad slutty looking japanese women in a Karaoke bar(had a bloody lip to prove that rule)
3) Hide all digital cameras and webcams(ok just had a momentary flashback, makes note to lure a particular aussie back online)
4)Always have cab fare, they don't like to negotiate for Chuckie Cheese tokens
5)When wife says its ok to flirt with other women when out drinking, that really means "you are cut off from any form of sex indefinately if that woman looks at you again"

trust me, I have more that I have learned over the years....I can put it in a word document and send it to ya...*g*

Nurse me back to health? Is that code for something? Speaking of, (babbling) Last year while doing Physical Therapy, my nurse had me doing these exercises with those stretch bands. She wrapped them around my wrists and told me to work my wrist in and out. She was kinda hot and I had these cutoff sweat workout shorts on. YIKES YIKES! I remember thinking "please don't look down, please please please don't look down"........sure enough, BUSTED! Nothing I could do but smirk.

Why did I tell that story? Ohh yeah, Cuddly nursing me back to health. Thanks! Ok back to analyzing reports.
4th-Mar-2005 09:33 pm (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
LOL @ you! And you can email me ANYTHING at anytime *W* Oh, and code??? Ummm...there is not code *snapping her gloves*...Bend ova babeee!!! *giggle*
4th-Mar-2005 09:34 pm (UTC) - Re: drunken silly fool
errrr...that should say, there is no code *rollin eyes at her typos*
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